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This is totally my new blog

It’s been a while since I’ve abandoned a blog. I seem to be doing a lot of stuff lately, so it’s time for number three. Welcome to Wax Wroth.

Sometimes I’ll use Wax Wroth to document things I’ve done recently, like this reading at the So and So series in Raleigh, with Amy King and Ana Božičević. Amy took some video of me and Ana, but no one took video of Amy! Unfair. Some of the new poems I read, from Wolf Intervals, are in So and So Magazine.

Sometimes, I’ll use Wax Wroth to promote things I’m going to do, like this upcoming reading with BRIAN EVENSON, which I can’t believe is happening and you should totally come to. Ryan Martin is going to rock the jams too.

And sometimes, I might mention new published work I have, and cool journals, especially when they intersect. (I might, for instance, sheepishly request that you check out these sound pieces in the fabulous new issue of Drunken Boat.)

And there will probably be some real talk about my life as a professional slash creative writer and some pithy ephemera.

Speaking of ephemera, here is a recipe for vegan oysters to make this introductory post less coldly functional and boring:

To make a vegan oyster:
Kill an oyster
and replace the meat in the shell
with a nugget
of soy or wheat gluten.
Each hundredth nugget
might be made of gold,
each thousandth
a lion’s testicle. Garnish
with an ostrich plume,
et voila!
A drugged oracle’s body
being shuttled around
like stolen art.


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