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Wax Wroth Reading and Music Series, #1

I became familiar with the poetry of Heather Christle when we were both in the “New Poets” issue of Octopus a few years ago. (Now, I suppose, we are slightly used poets.) I really liked Heather’s work then, and her 2009 debut book on Octopus, The Difficult Farm, is one of my favorites in recent memory. I could say a lot about it, but two words will suffice: pure mojo.

When I found out Heather was doing an East Coast tour, I knew I had to bring her to Durham. And luckily, it worked out. I set up an event for Heather on Thursday, March 4, which launched her tour. I set her up with the invincible Joseph Donahue, who read some exciting new work outside of his Terra Lucida project, and Josh Moore, a local musician friend with a piercingly sweet voice. I wish I had some pictures, but my camera is broken. It was great to hear Heather read these poems, which sounded like they do in my head: quietly alert, with muffled concussions. Durham has heard a lot of poetry lately, but Durham was very pleased.

The reading was held at the collective art and performance studio I maintain in Durham. I don’t have any pictures that do it justice either–but I like for it to be a little secretive anyway. It’s a working studio space, for music, writing, painting, video, dance, etc. But sometimes it opens to the public: Some of our members do installations, and we often host readings there.

The point being, I’ve got a neat, unique space where people come to readings. So if you are looking for somewhere to read in NC, on an East Coast tour perhaps, let me know and we can talk. This has been retroactively dubbed the first installment of my Wax Wroth reading and music series, since I’ve decided to keep doing it. Installment two, on May 9, will feature Chris Salerno, Chris Tonelli, Jon Leon, and Joe Fletcher.

At any rate! Heather’s tour is ongoing, with several dates left. I really think you should go:

Tuesday, March 9
at 7 PM
Moonshine Poetry Series
with Michelle Taransky
Robin’s Bookstore
108 South 13th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107-4532

Thursday, March 11
at 8 PM
with Andrew Dieck
Manor Cafe at Bard CollegeAnnandale-on-Hudson, NY

Friday, March 12

at 10 PM
with Andrew Dieck
St. Mark’s Poetry Project
131 E 10th St.
New York, NY

Saturday, March 13
at 8 PM
with Matvei Yankelevich
Poetry Time at Space Space
390 Seneca Ave.
Queens, NY

Wednesday, March 25
at 8 PM
with Kristin Naca
VOX Reading Series
Cine Art Theater
234 West Hancock Avenue
Athens, GA


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