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Wax Wroth reading videos: Salerno, Tonelli, Fletcher, Leon

I’m back from Atlanta, which was such a quick trip that it feels like a dream in retrospect, a stream of disconnected images. In one, I’m standing at the edge of a coffee shop counter reading from Wolf Intervals; in another, I’m trying on some Nike hightops with ill gold details at a secondhand store in Little Five Points as Pearl Jam’s “Nothing Man” mournfully blares over the P.A. I came back home with those hightops and a book brought to me by James Sanders. Big thanks to Casey McKinney and Laura Carter for their hospitality.

After a few days of playing catch-up (and battling a particularly tenacious piece of malware that sneaked onto my machine), I’ve finally gotten around to uploading the videos from the last Wax Wroth reading, which you’ll find below. Apologies for the truncated clips; we forgot to bring a fresh tape and had to be thrifty with it. Stay tuned for details on the next Wax Wroth reading, which will feature the inimitable Tony Tost!






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