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Video Game Journalism Extravaganza

I’ve dabbled in video game writing for years, printing quite a few reviews, humor pieces, and a few features in Paste Magazine. It’s something that I’ve been getting more and more interested in recently. So I’m extra-super-excited to simultaneously break into two incredible gaming publications, one a venerable mainstream institution and the other a new grassroots upstart.

EDGE is a huge British gaming mag that has been in print for like 17 years, and provides more in-depth reporting on all aspects of the industry than any of the American print mags do. The April issue with the Max Payne cover, on American stands now (at least in North Carolina), includes my first article for the magazine, a “Time Extend” feature on Final Fantasy VIII. It was really fun to write, and getting to spell things all British was the icing on the cake. I’ll definitely be writing more for EDGE in months to come.

The upstart Kill Screen, on the other hand, represents the sharpest effort so far to provide intellectual, cutting-edge video game journalism to an American audience that craves it, but too often has to rely on consumer-reports reviews and baldly promotional previews. If you believe that gaming is mature enough for a serious and skeptical press, you’re probably already a subscriber to the print edition. I’m not saying my first review for Kill Screen rises to this lofty intellectual standard: it’s about Bulletstorm, a profoundly silly but way-fun shooter, and I didn’t want to gild the lily. But maybe it will get you clicking around to see what all Kill Screen has to offer online. Read it here

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