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Event at 715 Washington Space in Durham: July 10 at 4 p.m.

Organizer Chris Vitiello says:
Just want to alert and invite you to a TERRIFIC and VARIOUS afternoon of PERFORMANCE in Durham this SUNDAY.
With that many allcaps, you know it will be good. Here’s the deets…
WHERE: the SPACE, 715 Washington Street, Durham. Just up from the old ballpark.
WHEN: Sunday, July 10, 4:00pm. 
WHO: Janet Holmes (reading), Adam Good (performance/knowledge remixing), Brian Howe and Ashley Howe (video), and Ken Rumble and Megan Stein (music). More details on alla these folks below.
No cost, but the hat will be passed by performers with puppydog eyes.
Also know that it’ll likely be hot in the Space, so bring a water bottle and avoid wool.

JANET HOLMES describes her work so: “I’m interested in what can be done with found language and found text, and also with the flexibility of English. I’m interested in making meaning through parataxis, double vision, and sound. I’m interested in implicitly interactive poetry that seduces the reader into playing a part.” She’s published five books of poems, most recently The ms of my kin (Shearsman, 2009) and F2F (University of Notre Dame Press). A Duke grad, she teaches poetry writing and form and theory in Boise State University’s M.F.A. Program in Creative Writing. She is director and editor of Ahsahta Press, an all-poetry independent press at Boise State, and has taught at the university since 1999.

ADAM GOOD is the real one, not the fake one that’s been posing as Adam Good. Technician and catalyst by turns, he has also curated photography shows and, I believe, performed in a swimming pool. Recently relocated from D.C. to Pittsboro, he is able to physically manipulate abstractions before your very eyes/gazes. Sample his work at

BRIAN HOWE and ASHLEY HOWE are part of the collective at the Space. “Multimedia artist” could apply to them; “omnimedia artist” might be more accurate. They’ll show three short video works: “Hunger in a Land of Plenty,” “Sometimes You Meet Yourself Striding Through the Ritual,” and “D/0”.

KEN RUMBLE and MEGAN STEIN are also part of the Space collective, and also work in lotsa media (Megan’s in-progress transformation of a piano will likely be visible to snoopers). Freshly back from Paris, they’ll offer a musical improvisation with “guitar and/or bass and/or other.” Their music will enter our ear canals that we might hear of it.


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