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illustration by Chris Williams / title lettering by Bo Fader

illustration by Chris Williams / title lettering by Bo Fader

I have done some comics stories in the INDY, but I’m pretty sure this is the first time we’ve ever done a whole special section on comics. Based on how it turned out and the number of local comics stories there are to tell, I think it’s something we’ll do again.

Our main angle this time was diversity in comics, with a story by me on Jazmin Truesdale, who is trying to start a new line of ethnically diverse female superheroes in Aza Comics, and a story by Zack Smith on Jeremy Whitley’s Princeless and its new spinoff, which feature biracial princesses who can save themselves just fine.

We round it out with my Q&A with the producer of new doc The Death of “Superman Lives”: What Happened? (an incredible inside-Hollywood story about the dissolution of a late-90s Superman movie starring Nicolas Cage), a hilarious anecdote of the convention life by local comics writer Brockton McKinney, and a report on Durham’s Ultimate Comics shop expanding into Raleigh.

It’s all wrapped in amazing illustrations, including Handbook of the Marvel Universe-style dossiers of the story subjects, by the redoubtable Chris Williams. I signed off my intro “Excelsior!” and fulfilled a lifelong dream of being Stan Lee. Hope you enjoy. You can easily access all the stories through the landing page.


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