Going Deep into the Uncanny Valley

No, not the heartbreakingly terrible new reunion album from a beloved post-punk band, but the compelling experimental play at UNC starring a real robot. Most impressive was how director Francesca Talenti was able to plumb below what could have been a sheer gimmick to unearth a lingering emotional resonance.  I didn’t simply ponder what it meant for a robot to be human. For awhile, I believed. Read my thoughts on The Uncanny Valley at the INDY’s Artery blog.


Laura Ballance feature in the INDY

photo: Jason Arthurs

Many thanks to Laura Ballance of Merge Records and Superchunk for letting me put her in the spotlight she does not savor for this long INDY Week feature, which spans her entry into the North Carolina music scene and her recent retirement from touring after 25 years.