Alex + Ada

alexandada_04-coverThis week on my INDY Week comics blog, “The Pull List,” I get to to take on some of my favorite topics – artificial intelligence, advanced robotics, augmented and virtual reality, etc. – regarding the post-human romance Alex + Ada, which is timely in the wake of Her and also goes further. Read it here.

So and So Reading at CAM

SO & SO #69
poetry etc. by David Applegate, Lightsey Darst, Brian Howe & Chris Vitiello
Thursday * Feb. 20 * 8 pm * CAM Raleigh * 409 W Martin
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David B. Applegate lives and works in Raleigh, NC.  He co-operates the electronic music net-label Immigrant Breast Nest.  His best poem is available to read now inBestoned: a journal of new metaphysical verse.


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Lightsey Darst is a writer, critic, and teacher based in Durham. Her books are Find the Girl and DANCE (both from Coffee House Press). You can find her criticism in the Indy and online at mnartists.orgwalkerart.orgThe Huffington Post, and Bookslut.


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A culture journalist, Brian Howe is the associate editor of INDY Week. His poems, videos and sound art have appeared in many publications, including CoconutHorse LessOctopusEffing Magazine and Cannibal. He is the author of three chapbooks:Guitar Smash (3rdness Press), This is the Motherfucking Remix (with Marcus Slease; Scantily Clad Press), and Foreign Letter (Beard of Bees). He sporadically runs the Wax Wroth Reading Series and is currently finishing a book, seven years in the making, called Wolf Intervals.
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Chris Vitiello lives in Durham with his two daughters. He teaches writing widely and writes art and performance criticism for newspapers and magazines. His most recent poetry book is Obedience (Ahsahta, 2012), a doubled aphoristic series within two front covers. Other books includeIrresponsibility (Ahsahta, 2008) and Nouns Swarm A Verb (Xurban, 1999). He also performs original toy theater and writes custom poems at public events as the Poetry Fox.