About Brian Howe

Brian Howe is the Managing Editor for Arts & Culture at INDY Week, the progressive weekly serving Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, N.C. As a freelance arts and culture journalist, he mainly covers the performing arts, books, video games, and indefinably interesting people, places, and things. He has written record reviews for Pitchfork for a dozen years and counting.

He has also contributed to Paste MagazineEdge Magazine, Hyperallergic,  eMusic/Wondering SoundKill ScreenThe Fanzine, Fender, GO, Shuffle, Very Short List, ABC.com’s “New Music Monday,” the critical anthologies The Pitchfork 500, Poetics of American Song LyricsLate Century Dream, and more.

He has worked as a copywriter for Duke Performances, the North Carolina Opera, and others. From 2010 to 2012, he was editor of Duke Performances‘ blog The Thread, conducting a series of more than seventy interviews with world-class performing artists there in 2013.

His poetry, sound art and videos have appeared in journals, chapbooks, readings, and festivals often enough that writing about himself in the third person does not even faze him. He capriciously runs the Wax Wroth Reading Series.

One response to “About Brian Howe

  1. Hello Brian Howe,
    I’m Akira Kosemura, Japanese composer, pianist.
    a few years ago, I released piano album ‘Polaroid Piano’ from someone good/ROOM40 by Lawrence English and you wrote my album’s review on Pitchfork. thanks alot for your support and it has helping me to work well. actually I made some good friends (Devendra Banhart, Dakota Suite) through this album. and I could made one collaborated song with Devendra in this year. I’m sure that your support was very important for me. thanks so much.
    now, I will release new piano album ‘One Day’ in September 9th.
    so if you have time, I would like you to listen my new album again. it’s my pleasure to hear what you feel.

    Akira Kosemura – One Day [Master, 24bit 96.000khz wav]

    best wishes,
    Akira Kosemura

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